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September 06, 2017

When most of us picture a wedding bouquet, we think red roses, forget-me-nots, and probably lots of baby’s breath. For generations, our mothers and grandmothers have carried bridal bouquets that can only be described as disposable. Even though some keep their bouquets as a souvenir, the flowers are dried and no longer living – they quickly lose their fleeting beauty and merely gather dust. The fate of the many other flowers – boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and bridesmaid flowers – is even briefer, as these are frequently tossed away before the last guest leaves the dance floor.

Increasingly, however, modern brides and grooms are turning to more eco-friendly trends in wedding flowers. One of those emerging trends is the long-lasting lovely succulent, which we’ve written about before here. Although they’re normally treated purely as houseplants, succulents can actually be re-purposed into striking and memorable succulent wedding bouquets and even wedding favors!  Read on for several ideas about incorporating succulents into your wedding and our four key tips for re-purposing them after your special day concludes.

Succulent Wedding Bouquet Ideas

The popular online shop The Succulent Source, for example, offers an entire section of its website to wedding-related succulents. They offer several types of succulents that thrifty couples can purchase in bulk to share with their guests; they also sell cuttings of popular succulents that can be incorporated into a traditional bouquet.

Why, you ask, might this be a good road to take? Well, for starters, succulents in general, including those that can be included in a bouquet, are hardy plants. They have fleshy leaves that retain a lot of water, so can easily survive any wedding party – and then live to be re-planted in the happy couple’s home as a lasting reminder of their special day. While some brides might choose to compose a bouquet entirely of succulents, they are also versatile in appearance and can be incorporated with more traditional blooms such as roses and hydrangeas, for a more textured and modern look. 

If you really want to create a memorable wedding look, you might even consider re-purposing found objects into a temporary planter for your succulents. Striking and Pinterest-worthy centerpieces can be made with empty wine bottles placed on their side and made into planters. Check out this handy DIY tutorial to learn how to make your own inexpensive, eco-friendly, and totally original wine bottle succulent centerpiece. 


Even Martha Stewart has picked up on this blooming trend, featuring a multitude of ideas on how to incorporate succulents into your wedding. Her ideas go beyond just bouquets and centerpieces; there are dreamy creations such as lofty altars, bridal headpieces, and even wedding cakes that celebrate the couple – all covered in luscious blooms that are strikingly unique and enable you to show off your creative side.


Our Four Amazing Tips To Preserve Your Beautiful Succulent Wedding Bouquet

Now that you have a great idea about how you might want to integrate succulents into your special day, it’s time to think about how to actually reuse the succulents that were part of your wedding day arrangement. This can be done even when the succulent’s roots have been removed to be included in a bouquet or centerpiece.  The following is our list of four key tips:

  • First, you’ll want to carefully extricate the succulent cuttings from their prior arrangement. Make sure that you remove any extra leaves from the cutting. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, you’ll also want to wait at least a few days after the wedding to begin this process; the bottom of the stem should be dry and have a callus. 
  • Second, you’ll want to purchase a soil mix that is especially suited to succulents; this should be formulated especially for these types of cuttings, as succulents need a soil that drains well. Pour the soil into your chosen container, and make a small hole in the soil. This is the fun part! Gently place the cutting into the hole, which should be about an inch deep, and lightly cover it with soil. Sprinkle lightly with water.
  • Third, while you’re ready to watch your beautiful re-purposed succulent grow, make sure you follow our practical tips to keeping your succulent alive. Remember that these hardy plants don’t require a lot of water – don’t be overzealous with your care, as even re-planted succulents are durable and robust. If you care for them well, your wedding day succulents will bloom, reproduce, and remind you of your wedding day for many years to come.
  • Finally, if you’re interested in ensuring a long life for your succulent wedding bouquet and helping it thrive, consider our product, Hello Succulents, which adds microbes to the soil! 

We hope this is helpful and we wish you a bliss and happiness on your wedding day!

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